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Paula Friedrichsen

Weekend Retreats:

Strength for the Journey

“Strength for the Journey” is a four-point seminar that focuses on imparting God’s strength for the days ahead. We live in a dark world–but for Christians this is our brightest day! It’s time for us to arise shine and impact the world around us with the profound and audacious love of God.

Meeting 1: Strength for the Journey; Using Your Gifts: This message is based upon John 4:31-35 (my food is to do the will of Him who sent me). We’re at our best when we’re being used by God!

Meeting 2: Strength for the Journey; Intimacy with God: True strength comes from spending time in God’s presence. Soaking up His love, telling Him your concerns, singing, praying, loving, listening… Strength comes as we behold our God and enjoy His presence.

Meeting 3: Strength for the Journey; Relationships: Nothing will siphon off the anointing of God on your life quicker then manipulative, controlling,or destructive relationships. Meeting 3 is broken into two parts:

Part 1: Resisting the Spirit of Manipulation & Control

Part 2: Nurture: The Key to Strong Relationships

Meeting 4: Strength for the Journey; Take Courage!: This message is built on Judges 5:21b “March on, my soul; be strong.” Courage will be a primary quality which defines an end-time believer in the days ahead. By using the Book of Joshua combined with the story of her healing from Lyme Disease, Paula illustrates that sometimes the greatest courage isn’t required when you’re in the midst of a trial, but just as you’re coming out! You can listen to this message HERE.

A Season of Breakthrough

Four Strategies to Living a Life of Sustained Freedom

“A Season of Breakthrough” is a four-point seminar based on Paula’s book by the same title. It is designed to help attendees recognize their sphere of authority and take a stand against the “freedom stealers” in their lives. This seminar will help believers learn to not only experience supernatural breakthrough in their lives, but also discover how to walk in sustained breakthrough and exponential freedom! By using the testimony of her healing from migraine headaches and pain medication dependency, Paula teaches four important strategies to living a life of Breakthrough:

Meeting 1: The Strategy of Risky Obedience

Meeting 2: The Strategy of Tenacious Faith

Meeting 3: The Strategy of Destiny Awareness

Meeting 4: The Strategy of Transforming Love


More Than a Conqueror

This seminar encourages believers to fight the good fight of faith and enter into the wonderful inheritance God has for them!

Meeting 1: Contend for Your Inheritance: This message is based upon the story of Gideon. Smack in the middle of fear, oppression, and famine God called Gideon to the front lines and changed his name to Mighty Warrior.

Meeting 2: The River of Refreshment:This session discusses the importance of seeking God’s presence, and how this always leads to a breakthrough of freedom.

Meeting 3: Awake! Awake! Meeting 3 will encourage believers to make the choice to rouse themselves and to shake off the burdens of yesterday. Now is the time to wake up and stand upon the promises of God found in His word.

*This event can be planned as a weekend retreat or a one day seminar.

The Joy Seminar

Session 1: Bloom Where You are Planted: Women will be taught to thrive (by the grace of God) in their present day circumstances.

Session 2: Joy Comes in the Morning: This session begins with the powerful story of how God miraculously healed Paula of Lyme Disease over ten years ago. This talk will highlight the three secrets to experiencing joy.

Session 3: Singing the Song of Joy: Using Biblical examples, as well as personal stories, Paula will discuss the possibility and importance of making the courageous choice to sing songs of joy even when times are tough.

*This event can be planned as a weekend retreat or a one day seminar. The Joy Seminar is most beneficial if each meeting is followed by small group discussion time. Discussion questions will be provided.

Restoration Weekend!

Meeting 1: Emotional Healing: Life can be hard sometimes. Whether it’s abuse or neglect suffered in childhood, or a trauma of some kind suffered in adulthood, everyone is in need of emotional healing at some point in their lives. This session points the way to the ultimate healer, Christ Jesus himself. By sharing relevant Scriptures and her own stories of emotional healing, Paula encourages women to reach out in expectation to the Lord their healer!

Meeting 2: Physical Healing: God is good and He loves to heal His people! In this meeting Paula shares the testimony of how she was miraculous healed of migraine headaches and pain medication dependency. While it’s true that God doesn’t always heal each person the same exact way, attendees are encouraged to put their trust firmly in Jehovah Rapha, expecting Him to move powerfully on their behalf.

Meeting 3: Spiritual Healing: Many women are held back from an intimate, life-giving relationship with God because of fear.

  • Fear He won’t answer their prayers.
  • Fear that God is mad at them and cant love them because of their imperfections.
  • Fear that Father God will turn out to fail them in the same ways that their earthly fathers may have.
  • Fear that if they draw near to God He will demand of them what they cannot give.

So… they hold God at arms length, never entering into that sweet, tangible fellowship that they hear others talk about. These days, more than ever, women are in need of spiritual healing and refreshment.

Meeting 4: Holding onto Confidence: This last message is based on Hebrews 10:34, and will teach women that obedience to Gods word will lead to confidence in Gods word. Meeting 4 will discuss the five ways to hold onto godly confidence.

* Each session ends with a time of corporate and individual prayer.

Addiction Recovery

Your Season of Breakthrough

Dream Center

Your Season of Breakthrough is a series of messages designed to strengthen and refresh those in addiction recovery. On a sunny day in 2008 Paula awoke with her first migraine headache—and had it, in one form or another, for the next 1000 days. Three years of acute pain, of medical tests, and of living in a fog of narcotic addiction. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit she finally emerged from the darkness and entered a season of breakthrough and recovery.

Your Season of Breakthrough can be presented as stand-alone messages, or as a one-day seminar comprised of three sessions:

Session 1: Risky Obedience

Session 2: Tenacious Faith

Session 3: Destiny Awareness

Paula’s story of chronic pain and painkiller addiction was published in Charisma Online, and she was recently interviewed on the 700 Club Interactive. She’s also had the opportunity to share her story in numerous radio interviews, and recently spoke at The Dream Center in Los Angeles.

The Abundant Life Seminar

The Abundant Life Seminar is a three-point seminar that educates, inspires and motivates women to walk in God’s light in the three most important areas of their lives.

Spiritually: Using Scripture and personal stories Paula teaches and encourages attendees to pursue a more intimate, intense, loving,and fulfilling walk with Jesus.

Physically: Fitness and nutrition became a hallmark of Paula’s life 13 years ago when her husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She brings insight from her own life experience, combined with the word of God, to impart practical ideas for implementing a health-conscious lifestyle.

Relationally: This message focuses on how to enter into Gods abundance in marriage, church, and family relationships, by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit!

* This event can be planned as a weekend retreat or a one-day seminar.

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Speaking Presentations:

David and Goliath; The Making of a Warrior

The story of David and Goliath is full of direction and encouragement for fearful, struggling people. David, which means “beloved” VS Goliath, which means “soothsayer” is an epic battle meant to inspire believers to fight the good fight of faith!

Four Hindrances to Receiving From God

This message begins by delving into the deeper meaning of the word “receive” as it pertains to Scripture. Then we move on to the four hindrances to healing:

  • You have weak faith
  • You have no works to attend your faith
  • You have “squatters” on your property
  • You have a baggage problem

Powerful Perseverance

The text for this message is: Hebrews 11:27 “By faith he (Moses) left Egypt, not fearing the king’s anger; he persevered because he saw him who is invisible.” To “persevere”means to persist; maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continue steadfastly.This sermon inspires listeners to PERSEVERE…. to not grow weary in well doing, but to persist until they see the harvest!

The Stones of Remembrance

This message recounts the story of the Israelites crossing the Jordan River at flood stage. After the all people crossed over the Lord immediately directed them to set up a memorial of stones to commemorate this mighty act of God. He asks us to do the same in our own lives! Some people have actually set up a memorial to their past defeats—remembering, memorializing, and dwelling on these mistakes continually. But the Lord has something so much more for His children. He desires that we would build a memorial, so to speak, of His saving acts in our lives. This brings glory to God, joy unspeakable to us, and deliverance into the lives of others!

Are You Chasing God?

Are you chasing after God? Is your relationship with Him a white-hot romance or a lukewarm acquaintance? We see many powerful examples in Scripture of those who pursued God tenaciously:

  • Moses climbed the mountain to investigate the burning bush
  • Blind Bartimaecus threw off his cloak and ran to Jesus
  • The woman with the issue of blood pushed and pressed her way through a massive crowd
  • The two disciples walking on the road to Emmaus urged Jesus to stay with them for the night
  • King David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the Lord with all his might

Climbing; throwing off the old; pushing; pressing; urging; dancing… All acts of desperate, hungry people seeking God!

Christian University Chapel Service


3 Ways to Discern the Will of God for Your Life

3 Ways to Discern the Will of God is designed to help college students learn to detect and discern the voice of God for themselves. Although the principles in this message are basic, Paula’s humorous and authentic speaking style will cast fresh light on the subject, prompting ignited passion in the students to seek God in a more intentional way.

3 Ways to Discern the Will of God is comprised of three points:

  • Born to Soar: Be an Eagle not a Chicken (Isa 40:31)
  • Develop Passion for God’s Word
  • Wise Counsel Prevents Dumb Mistakes   

Paula Friedrichsen and her husband Jeff are the parents of two young adult children; Andrew, a helicopter pilot in Alaska—and Amy, a working-her-way-through-college student with aspirations of being a high school English teacher.

Write Your Wisdom

A One Day Seminar to Inspire and Educate Aspiring Book Writers

Write Your Wisdom is specifically targeted to those who are exploring the idea of self-publishing a book. It’s comprised of three sessions, and each session includes practical application, handouts, and attendee participation. Paula draws on her experience and knowledge of writing, publishing, and marketing for this fast-paced seminar.

Session 1: Getting Organized

The first session gives practical steps for writing, organizing, and editing your book—as well as discussing how to fuel the creative process. This lively session includes audience participation.

Session 2: Self-Published and Proud of it

This session explains how to get started with the process of self-publishing, including which programs to use, cover art, and back-cover copy.

Session 3: How to Market your Book

The last session explores the many ways to market your book, including magazine articles, radio and TV interviews, book reviews, book signings, giving talks in front of a live audience, and more. Paula relies on her extensive book marketing experience for this session.

The Write Your Wisdom seminar is $30.00 per person, and Paula will travel to your church if you have a minimum of 10 people registered. She requests that her travel expenses, food and lodging be covered.

Paula self-published her last book, but has also been published by Multnomah (a division of Random House). Her articles have been published in dozens of print and online magazines, including CBN.com and Charisma Online. Paula has been interviewed on over 60 radio and TV programs, including such nationally broadcast programs as Moody’s Mid-day Connection, Living the Life (seen on ABC Family), and Lifestyle Magazine (seen on TBN).

MOPS Messages

Paula loves speaking to MOPS groups and welcomes the opportunity to pour encouragement into mothers of young children whenever possible.


Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak: This message gently encourages mothers to shut down some of the noise in their lives to become their children’s confidant. Good listeners are trustworthy. Good listeners are safe. Good listeners understand. And good listeners hear the best secrets.

Make Hay While the Sun Shines: Very small children need you for every little thing. They follow you everywhere. They want to tell you every detail of each new experience. They want you to watch them as they try every new activity. And while it’s tempting to weary of the constant need, in this message Paula encourages young mothers to embrace this season in their children’s lives as a precious (and all too fleeting) time of unrestricted access to their hearts.

Marriage Conference Keynote Message

Ta Da! Look Who You Married

The Man You Always Wanted is The One You Already Have

This marriage conference message is based on Paula Friedrichsen’s book, “The Man You Always Wanted is the One You Already Have” (Multnomah, 2007). It’s full of humor, personal transparency, and practical solutions to help married couples embrace and cherish their first love. Topics covered are:

  • Validating and Appreciating Opposites
  • Awakened to Love: Taking notice of your mate’s unique and praiseworthy strengths
  • The 3 symptoms of Unforgiveness: Practical solutions to consistently practice forgiveness and maintain a spirit of unity in marriage

Ta Da! Look Who You Married is perfect as a keynote message for a marriage conference or as a Valentines banquet message

Christmas Message

Who is This King of Glory?

Paula’s Christmas message is perfect for a ladies banquet or tea. Her text for this talk is Psalm 24: 7-10

Christmas Message

7 Lift up your heads, you gates;
be lifted up, you ancient doors,
that the King of glory may come in.

8 Who is this King of glory?
The LORD strong and mighty,
the LORD mighty in battle.

9 Lift up your heads, you gates;
lift them up, you ancient doors,
that the King of glory may come in.

10 Who is he, this King of glory?
The LORD Almighty—
he is the King of glory.

In this message Paula helps attendees to prepare their hearts for Christmas by reminding them of the fascination of our glorious savior. While it’s easy to get buried under to-do lists, unrealistic expectations, and family drama at the holidays, Paula reminds women that Christmas time is the perfect time to unabashedly throw open the doors of their hearts and embrace and celebrate the King of Glory!

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