Media Experience

Paula is a popular guest in Christian magazines and on Christian radio and TV programs. Below is a list of some of the media she’s been featured on.


  • National: 700 Club
  • National: Living the Life (ABC Family)
  • National: The Harvest Show
  • The Herman & Sharron Bailey Show (Florida)
  • National: The Harvest Show, 4 segments “Shape Up Your Heart for Valentines Day”
  • It’s a New Day (Winnipeg)
  • National: Lifestyle Magazine (TBN)


  • Simple Grace Magazine – Print
  • First for Women Magazine – Print
  • Proverbs 31 Woman – Print and Online
  • Sign of the Times – Print
  • In Touch – Print
  • – Online
  • – Online
  • Today’s Pentecostal Evangel – Print
  • Woman’s Touch Magazine – Print 


  • National: Water Through the Word
  • National: Moody MidDay Connection ~ book interview
  • National: Sirius “Mornings with Lorri & Friends”
  • National: UNI News Service, Sharron Gotkin
  • National: Woman to Woman (Lutheran Hour Ministries)
  • Semi-National: The Bob Dutko Show
  • Semi National: Songtime USA with Dr. John DeBrine
  • KKLA’s The Frank Pastore Show
  • Word FM The John Hall Show
  • WGTS The Brennan & Angela Morning Show
  • WMBI’s Prime Time Chicago with Steve Hiller
  • Faith Radio Network “The Meeting House”
  • The Debbie Chavez Show
  • KBIQ’s Morning Show
  • KBJS Live Interviews with Randy
  • CHRI Ottawa, Ontario
  • The John Young Show
  • WAFG’s Vocal Point
  • Proverbs 31 Wanna Be Club
  • WBCL The Mid-Morning Show
  • WWJC’s Northland Notebook
  • KNEO’s Author’s Corner
  • Saturday Power Hour with Pat Williams
  • KJTY’s Carole in the Morning
  • WBGL The Morning Show
  • Not Just Talkin’ the Talk with Linda Goldfarb
  • Proverbs 31 radio featured material adapted from my book on five of their one-minute radio shows, including a mention of my book in several of the spots. This program is heard on over 1200 stations including KLOVE!
  • Blog Talk Radio: Marnie’s Friends
  • KREJ/KSNS 4 pre-recorded segments
  • Sounds of Life Radio Network 35 minute interview
  • WTJH LIVE 1 hour interview with Dawn Abrams
  • WRJZ The Bob Bell Show live interview
  • Blog Talk Radio: Coffee and the Word
  • Blog Talk Radio: Talk to Richie