What others are saying about Paula’s ministry…

John Ettore, Lead Pastor, GPC San Diego: “Paula was first invited to our church by our women’s director as the keynote speaker at our annual women’s retreat. The testimonies from that retreat were life-changing for numerous women. We had her stay over to teach our Sunday morning service, which was the first time I had heard Paula, and her message was full of power, authenticity and real life stories that made a tremendous impact on myself as well as many in our church. Since that first encounter Paula has been with us many times and has become, what we like to call, a “Friend of the House”. She is a dynamic teacher, hears from God, is an encourager and is full of the Spirit. I would highly recommend Paula.”

Tom Griner, Father’s Heart Reno: “Paula is one of the most articulate and relatable speakers I know. She is real, authentic, fun and to the point. Her messages bring true transformation with great application for a life changing experience.”

Janet Drez, Dir. Women’s Ministry, Arizona Community Church, AZ: Paula’s openness and transparency, right from the start, allowed God to open the hearts of our women to each other and to the Lord. Her message was exactly what our women needed at this time and I have heard so many amazing “God stories” of how He used Paula and her message to bring transformation, repentance, and healing. We were also thankful for her willingness to meet with some of the women one-on-one between the sessions. God has gifted Paula in a powerful way, and He shines through her!!

Shell Cowpersmith, Dir. Women’s Ministry, The Gathering Place Church, CA: The Gathering Place Women’s retreat was planned with Paula Friedrichsen’s speaking gifts in mind. We had the privilege of having Paula as our conference speaker in October, 2011. The material she presented was very helpful and fit exactly with what we all needed to hear. Every age group from 25 to 65 was represented and her topics and delivery fit each group. The “proof of the pudding” was in the change in women’s countenances. We also had the privilege of having Paula speak to our entire congregation at our church service on Sunday. We have received many calls and emails from our congregation on how much they enjoyed listening to her message and how truly inspiring her teachings were. Paula has a sensitivity to God and a very significant gift of communication. I happily recommend Paula for any speaking occasion for any age group, whether women alone, or a mixed group.

Marty Sorensen, Dir. Women’s Ministry, JPL Bible Church, Rancho Mirage, CA: Paula’s transparency, openness, down-to-earth manner, and humor allowed each woman to receive God’s unique word for them. She sought the Lord for His purpose for the weekend. Paula made herself available to minister to our ladies throughout the weekend; she truly has a servant’s heart!

Deanne Day, President Restoring Hearts, Inc.: Kailua Kona, HI I was thoroughly blessed by Paula’s ministry. It is biblical, practical, relational, and chock-full of truth and the Holy Spirit. She has a delightful sense of humor, and her transparency offers others “light” to walk by. The church has worn masks for far too long and desperately needs leaders like Paula.

Laurie Kuuskvere, Dir. Women’s Min. Princeton Alliance Church, Princeton, NJ: We received excellent feedback regarding Paula’s presentation on 200 response cards. We would highly recommend Paula!

Kathi Gildone, Dir. Women’s Min. Warehouse Christian Ministries, Roseville, California: I would recommend Paula Friedrichsen as a speaker to any organization desiring a dynamic and on-target speaker who has commanding stage presence and a gift for bringing together truth and life application.

Donna Partow, best selling author of Becoming the Woman I Want to Be: Paula’s enthusiasm for publicity is literally contagious. Even though I’ve written 26 books and have been in Christian publishing for two decades, I had never even put together my own press kit… Within 24 hours of my consultation with Paula, I had put together my very first self-generated press kit. Within two hours of e-blitzing the media, I had landed a radio interview. Paula’s passion for book promotion and commitment to doing it for the right reasons is a gift to the Body of Christ.

Shaunti Feldhahn, best selling author of For Women Only: I started reading Paula’s book on an airplane trip, and wanted to stand up and shout “YOU GO GIRL!” right there in seat 20C. From the first few pages of her piercing honesty, I was hooked. I’m convinced that her message is our God’s loving answer to women who desperately need hope in their marriages.

Shannon Ethridge, best selling author of Every Woman’s Battle book series: If your marriage is losing its luster, the answer won’t be found in another man. The answer to the “How do I resurrect passion in my marriage” question is found in Paula’s book, “The Man You Always Wanted.” Read it as if your relationship depended on its principles—because it does.

Alexis M. Dickens, Former Dir. Women’s Min. Reach the World Church, Upper Marlboro, Maryland: Paula Friedrichsen’s Abundant Life Seminar is a masterfully crafted blueprint for developing an intimate relationship with the Lord so that we can in turn experience true freedom and hope in our sometimes painful and devastating relationships with others. The most recurrent comments on our retreat evaluation forms were of deepest appreciation and gratitude for Paula’s transparency and willingness to take time to hear from God in order to speak specifically to the needs of women she had never met before, and would likely never see again.

Karen Power, Owner, Christian Speakers Services “A breakthrough does not just come along, it takes courage, faith, and taking a stand. The strategies and lessons in “A Season of Breakthrough” are not theory. They have been walked out through 1,000 days of pain, as Paula Friedrichsen learned what it takes to obtain and sustain freedom. From standing up to bullies, finding courage in the trenches, to breaking through to freedom — and keeping it — these strategies will enable anyone one to develop tenacious faith and walk in the fullness of what God has for their lives!”

Rev. Michael Dalton, Yes Ministries International: “Every now and then you read a book of manifested truth and activated revelation that causes you to understand that the realities of Christ and HIS Word are not only possible, but accessible. At that moment, you feel the freedom to believe, and you run toward the destiny you did not have strength to receive before. This is one of those books and you are entering one of those moments. In a A Season of Breakthrough; Four Strategies to Living A Life of Sustained Freedom Paula Friedrichsen has successfully captured strategies from Heaven, timing from the heart of GOD, an understanding of pain that is unique, and a humorous insightful view that will aid anyone in trouble or transition to become an overcomer of magnificent proportions. Read it all, meditate on every section, talk about it with friends and watch GOD bring freedom and grace into the world you dwell within.”

Jamie Weston, Las Vegas, Nevada: “I am enjoying and being both encouraged and challenged by the reading of my new copy of ‘A Season of Breakthrough’, written by my-friend-whom-I-have-not-yet-met-in-person, Paula Friedrichsen! She speaks to my experience like nothing I have read to date, and calls me on to a higher place that while being not at all comfortable, is oh so much more desirable! Thank you Paula for for your vulnerability and disclosure. They give you credibility beyond just skillfully written words. I am sure that your obedience in the writing and printing of this book will allow you to reap a whirlwind of blessing and life.”

Patti Bell, Mammoth Lakes, California: “This book is a breakthrough of simple, practical and AUTHENTIC. It will change your life.”

Carolyn Smith, Reno, Nevada: “I am so thankful that God’s timing is Perfect! He knew what I needed and what my heart was crying out for. Paula Friedrichsen’s book, A Season of Breakthrough; Four Strategies to Living A Life of Sustained Freedom will take you on the journey of experiencing His Presence. To me it’s about a deeper more intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. It builds a level of trust in Jesus that makes you ferocious for what God has promised you! It’s Paula’s personal story of breakthrough and freedom. As she shares her story it sets others free, That is what happened to me! I Am Free!”