Paula Friedrichsen – Christian Conference and Women’s Retreat Speaker

Paula Friedrichsen

Paula is an ordained minister and published author who speaks nationally at church conferences and women’s retreats. The hallmark of Paula’s ministry is her ability to communicate with unassuming authenticity and transparency. By using Scripture, personal stories, and laughter, she presents Biblical insights and principles to her listeners.

Paula has been featured on many Christian radio and TV programs, such as 700 Club, Moody’s Midday Connection, Lifestyle Magazine (seen on TBN), Lutheran Hour Ministries, and Living the Life (seen on ABC Family). Her articles have been featured in dozens of print and online magazines, including Charisma,, Proverbs 31, In Touch, and Sign of the Times.

Paula would love to speak at your next conference, retreat, Christmas event, ladies tea, or college campus event! She’s a dynamic speaker who has been speaking nationally for over 10 years. Paula makes herself available to the planning team and the conference attendees before, during, and after each event. Visit her Videos page to watch clips of Paula’s presentations and to hear a full-length message. Contact Paula at 760-935-4295 or

“Into His Presence” – God’s Extravagant and Everlasting Love for You

  • Drinking coffee and reading Psalm 139 on the patio.
    “O Lord, you have searched me and you know me. “
  • Being worried and fearful is SUCH a waste of time. You have 1 life, and you have 1 today. Don’t waste it worrying. Trust HIM to help you.,
  • The Little Known Story of John Harper True Hero of the Titanic: ,
  • Today be unabashedly hopeful that God is soon going to move supernaturally in your difficult situation.,

A note from Paula…

I’m so glad you’ve decided to visit my website. Welcome! The most important thing you need to know about me is that I love to minister to God’s people. The Lord has put a great love in my heart for the Body of Christ and it is my absolute joy to preach, teach, and pray with folks as I share at their conferences. I’m the kind of speaker who is available to pray with, eat with, and talk with the retreat or conference attendees during the entirety of the event. Feel free to call me today to discuss your event, 760-935-4295.

Blessings, Paula

A Season of Breakthrough
4 Strategies to Living a Life of Sustained Freedom is a four-point seminar based on Paula’s book by the same name.

It is designed to help attendees recognize their sphere of authority and take a stand against the “freedom stealers” in their lives.

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